Community Groups


Apron Society

The mission of the Apron Society is to provide help when a neighbor is in need.  Many residents live here with no family around to help with difficult times.  If you or a neighbor is in need for reasons such as illness, accident, family death; a notice is sent out to the Apron Society member list.  Those members who are able to provide help then respond.  Since its inception in 2004, the Apron Society has provided services such as meals, transportation, pet care, and visitations.

All Dominion residents are welcome to join the Apron Society and we hope you will consider doing so.  For more information, please contact Sharon Koenig at: [email protected] 

Dominion Animal Advocates Group

The Dominion Animal Advocates Group (DAAG) is a volunteer group which works with Dominion Security, The Dominion Homeowners Association and Dominion residents to provide help with lost and abandoned pets and feral cats. DAAG also provides information and assistance with wildlife concerns. DAAG is dedicated to helping at-risk animals in The Dominion so they can have the best chance of a safe, happy and healthy life.

For further information or to join DAAG, contact Louan LeDoux at 210-854-8055 or [email protected] , Lyn Hicks at 210-219-9772 or [email protected] , or Susan Shaked at 210-744-1200

Hill Country Women’s Bible Study

The Women’s Bible Study started over twenty-five years ago when a small group of women got together to study and discuss scripture and share prayer.  The group is open to all women and meets every Wednesday (not during summer months), 12:30-2:00 pm in a very informal setting.  The meetings are held at The Dominion Country Club. 

Contact Kathlin Jauregui for additional information at 210-872-3014, 210-698-1881 or [email protected].  Please come for a visit!

Men’s Bible Study

For the past twelve years, an interdenominational group of men have met on Thursday mornings to study and discuss scripture and select writings on the Christian faith.  The meetings are held in a very informal setting in the piano bar at The Dominion Country Club.    For additional information contact Jay Lewallen at 210-698-1129

The Dominion Running Group

The Dominion Running Group hosts 5K/10K runs throughout the year.  The Turkey Chase is an annual event held Thanksgiving Day at 8am. If you are interested in forming a weekly running group or have any questions regarding running in The Dominion, call The Dominion HOA at 210-698-1232

The Supper Club

The Supper Club was created twenty years ago for Dominion Country Club members to meet new members and offer guests a chance to experience the club.  Members meet on the first Thursday night of the month to socialize and dine, bringing in a variety of performers or groups for the various theme nights for the monthly gathering.

They welcome all to join the Supper Club festivities.  For existing Dominion Country Club members, just call the Reservation Line and add yourself to the Supper Club.  If you’re not a member and would like to attend, please contact Carole Minton at 210-698-1127 or email at: [email protected]