Election Results 2020

As per the annual meeting held on June 30, 2020, the members of The Dominion Homeowners Association elected the following candidates to serve as Board of Directors.

· Jim Berg

· Keith Coelho

· Mike McCray

If you were unable to attend the Annual Meeting on June 30th and you’re interested in viewing the slideshow presentation, please click below:

Video Link for Annual Meeting

Full Presentation

As required by the Bylaws, the Board met on Wednesday, July 1 2020 to elect Officers of the Board and decide on a meeting calendar. The following is the 2020-2021 Dominion Homeowners Association Board of Directors and assigned liaison positions.

· Keith Coelho, Chairman

· Sandy Souchon, Vice-Chairman

· Barry Rupert, Treasurer

· Carole Minton, Secretary 

· Jim Berg, Member at Large 

· Bruce Burger, Member at Large

· Gary Cram, Member at Large 

· Mike McCray, Member at Large 

· Mark Wohlfarth, Member at Large