What is The Dominion PUD?

The Dominion PUD (Planned Unit Development)  is a real estate development that integrates residential and commercial dwellings in a single project.

The PUD entities outside The Dominion’s gates consist of the following commercial properties:

  • The Dominion Country Club
  • Dominion Springs Plaza 
  • The Commons Office Complex
  • The Dominion Creek Shopping Center 
  • The Grand Apartments 
  • Texas Roadhouse restaurant
Does The Dominion have specific home builders?

Looking to build your dream home? You have the freedom to choose your own custom home builder. Our Homeowners Association does not require you to work with specific builders, giving you the flexibility to design a home that meets your unique vision and preferences. 

Where is The Dominion located?

The Dominion is located on the northwest side of San Antonio along the IH-10 corridor just west of 1604.

Do my HOA dues include a Country Club membership?

No, your HOA dues do not include a Country Club membership.


How many gates are in The Dominion?

There are three gates in The Dominion:

  • Main  Gate – off Dominion Dr.
  • North Gate – off Aue Rd.
  • South Gate – off Camp Bullis Rd. left on Tejas Trail past TMI
Are Dominion streets patrolled for safety?

The Dominion prioritizes your safety and security. Our dedicated Dominion Security team utilizes radar units and patrol vehicles to ensure the utmost safety within our neighborhood. 

Will I be notified of security incidents that happen within The Dominion?

The HOA utilizes a Text Notification System to update residents on weather events, safety and security emergencies which may affect you in The Dominion. The HOA will endeavor to notify residents if there is an imminent threat to their security in a timely manner. However, the HOA does not communicate information for incidents that do not impose a danger to private property and persons.


What is a homeowners association?

A Homeowners Association (HOA) is an organization of homeowners of a particular subdivision, condominium or planned unit development. The purpose of a Homeowners Association is to provide a common basis for preserving, maintaining, and enhancing their homes and property. Most Homeowners Associations are non-profit corporations. They are subject to state statutes that govern non-profit corporations and Homeowner Associations. The associations provide services, regulate activities, levy assessments, and impose fines. Usually, each member of a Homeowners Association pays assessments. Those assessments, or dues, are used to pay for expenses that arise from having and maintaining common property.

How much are HOA dues and what do they cover?

HOA dues are $295 each month. HOA dues cover all common area expenses to include: security, landscape maintenance,  association utilities, association insurance, social events, reserve funding, etc.

How much are the HOA closing costs?
  • Dominion HOA – Special Assessment (one-time fee) $3,500 
  • Transfer Fee – $300

Total = $3,800 (excluding DHOA monthly assessments)

What are the CC&Rs?

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs) are limits and rules placed on a group of homes or condominium complexes by a builder, developer, neighborhood association, or Homeowners Association.

Click here to view CC&Rs

When do the HOA committees meet?

The Dominion HOA Committees meet on a monthly basis. Please refer to the Events and Meetings Calendar on the community tab.

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Resident Information

Who are the utility providers?
  • CPS – (Electricity) 210-353-2222
  • CSWR (Sewer, varies by neighborhood) 314-736-4672
  • Grey Forest Utilities (Gas) 210-695-8781
  • Republic Services (Trash) 210-304-2700
Are garbage removal and recycle services included in my HOA dues?

No, you would set up trash service through Republic Services directly. Trash pickup is twice a week and recycle is available once a week for an additional charge. Republic offers a great service in The Dominion where they remove the trash from the enclosure at your home and return the can to the enclosure. You never have to wheel your trash cans out to the street!

If I want to make an exterior modification to my home, do I need to get approval from the HOA?

Yes, any exterior change to your home requires approval from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).

Click here to view ACC Application 

My home in The Dominion is a vacation home for our family, can I list my home on a short-term rental site?

Home rentals in the community are limited to a six-month minimum lease as specified in our Short-Term Rental Policy. Listing of Dominion properties on short-term vacation rental sites is a violation of the Short -Term Rental Policy.