On Tuesday, the Dominion HOA Board of Directors held a “town hall” meeting to present information about the zoning initiative, a proposed apartment complex, the city’s approval process, and The Dominion HOA’s approval process to address concerns and questions. Some residents in The Dominion expressed concerns about rezoning of a 3-acre parcel and an apartment complex proposed for the area located near Dominion Drive and Aue Road.

As such, The Dominion or The Dominion HOA is a Planned unit development or PUD which is comprised of single-family homes, office buildings, retail centers, restaurants, and apartments. The retail centers, office space, country club and current apartments (The Grand) in the PUD are owners within the HOA and pay assessments. Residences, most of which are single family homes (a few duplexes and 1 attached townhome complex) are located inside the secured perimeter (behind guarded gates). The office buildings, retail strips and current apartments are outside the secured perimeter.

In 2013, a 7-acre parcel in the Dominion Planned Unit Development at Aue Road was rezoned from R6 (single family residential) to MF 25 (multifamily). At that time, the DHOA Board supported the rezoning. In 2019, the DHOA Board supported the rezoning of the 7-acre tract from MF-25 to MF-33 (33 units per acre). In 2021, the DHOA Board supported the rezoning of an adjacent 3-acre parcel to MF-33 to match the 7-acre tract. The DHOA cannot prohibit the property owner from building what City code allows. But we have a set of protective covenants that helps hold the builders to Dominion standards.

Residents expressed several specific concerns but in general, revolve around traffic, safety and security, review/approval process, communications, and transparency of the HOA. The HOA received an extensive list of specific questions and suggestions and is working to review and respond to these questions and concerns in a timely manner.

The Dominion HOA is governed by a 9-member Board of Directors who are elected by the owners of property within the PUD. The Board is authorized and required to act on behalf of the owners on all matters of the HOA such as assessments, budgets, policies, rules, standards, contracts, HOA employees and vendors, new development and neighborhoods, and covenants for new neighborhoods. The Board is also authorized and required to act on new projects such as commercial buildings, office complexes, retail centers, and multifamily projects such as the Grand Apartments in Leon Springs which are within the PUD. As such, The Dominion PUD is comprised of single-family homes within the security gates, office buildings, retail centers, restaurants, and apartments outside of the security gates.

The Dominion HOA Board formed and appointed members to several committees to advise the Board on matters such as security, finance, architectural control, landscaping, and neighborhood outreach. Board of Directors and committees are owners in the community and are volunteers.

After review of a “conceptual plan” of the apartment project by the Development Committee and the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), The Dominion Board of Directors voted to support the zoning request for the 3-acre parcel to MF-33, as it allowed for the proposed developer to spread the desired units amongst more acres (less dense) which allowed for the proposed project to build 3 story town home style apartments versus the typical 4 story apartment complex style. The Board is supportive of the project concept but has not reviewed or approved final plans for the project. Such final plans should include specifications on access points, traffic control efforts to mitigate added traffic, security infrastructure such as fencing location, types, and height. Again, the final plans for this project have not been received or approved by The Dominion HOA Board.

Going forward, The Dominion HOA Board will meet to review this project after the ACC reviews the project from an architectural standpoint and the Development Committee reviews the project for impact of the traffic and infrastructure and likely the Security Committee to review on community security. A traffic study has been requested and will be performed and submitted to the HOA for review.

Throughout the process the Dominion HOA and your Board of Directors will endeavor to provide as much information to the owners of The Dominion on this project as it is able. In this instance, The Dominion simply followed the notice procedures used in the past. Namely, notice through Board meeting agendas and minutes. However, we agree that matters of greater importance to the owners of property should be emphasized through separate and clear communication to owners. We will make sure this happens. As always, meetings of the Board and the Committees are open to residents for comments and questions. Such comments and questions can also be submitted in writing.

Thank you for your attention.

The Dominion HOA Board of Directors

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