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Our Vision


The Vision is that the Dominion HOA exists to preserve and enhance The Dominion as the premier San Antonio community of choice. The goal is that the percentage change of property values in The Dominion reflects a more positive outcome than any other San Antonio PUD of similar status. This vision will be accomplished through tactics in nine primary pillars of our strategic plan as follows:

  • Encourage active involvement of our members
  • Managing security as our top priority
  • Promoting a safe environment
  • Effective management of the physical plant and facilities
  • Effective management of financial resources
  • Enforcement of the HOA covenants and restrictions
  • Participating in the greater San Antonio community
  • Interworking relationships with Dominion Country Club
  • Maintenance of effective HOA operations

The Dominion HOA will focus on both tangible (physical facilities and services) and intangible (community culture) aspects of the community,  will help drive financial and operational plans designed so community facilities and services are maintained to ensure The Dominion remains a premier country club development, thereby enhancing property values. The HOA will include recognition of the interlocking relationship between the Association and The Dominion Country Club and create mechanisms for facilitating that relationship.

The HOA recognizes the importance of participating in local/regional/state political processes, business organizations, military commissions, local/regional planning commissions, TXDOT, commercial developers and other individuals or organizations that could impact the fundamental goals and vision of the HOA.