Private Event Security Requirement Form

One Security Officer is required for resident’s private parties and other special events that will have over 20 vehicles, but less than 50 vehicles. For events for more than 50 vehicles, one additional officer will be required for every 20 vehicles. Homeowners must coordinate with the HOA at (210) 698-1232 for events expecting greater than 50 vehicles. Security Officers are required to ensure that safety is not compromised to the rest of the community by the increased traffic in the community and at the gate. If security is given less than 72 hours advance notice of an event and an officer can not be assigned specifically to the event, the resident will be charged by the HOA for the additional coverage provided by the on duty Patrol Officer. Residents must provide a list of their guests to security or enter them online. The security staff is not responsible to call for unlisted guests.

Cost per officer is $25.00 an hour with a 4 hour minimum. An additional $20.00 per ½ hour will be charged for events over 4 hours.

  • The primary duties of the security officer is to make sure guests are not parked in such a way as to block other resident’s driveways, block fire hydrants, or otherwise impede the smooth flow of traffic to and from the affected area. The Security Officers highest priority is to ensure emergency vehicles are in no way hindered by the parked vehicles in the event of an emergency.
  • Payment will be made to the HOA. Please contact the HOA for payment options. Payment does not include sales tax.
  • G4S will maintain, throughout the period of this agreement, comprehensive General Liability insurance and Comprehensive Automobile Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance and coverage for legal liability for loss or damage to client’s property entrusted to G4S arising from dishonesty of G4S employees.

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    It is agreed and understood that G4S is not insurer of property or persons guarded. In case any person, entity, or corporation, including client, makes a claim against G4S, client shall not be entitled to retain the amount of any such claim out of monies due or owing G4S here-under. Submitting form indicates that you agree to the terms listed above. Please sign below using your mouse or finger if you are on a mobile device.