The Dominion is a gated community, offering the finest in professional security 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Do not hesitate calling them or any security officer with suspicious activity or any report to ensure the safety and tranquility of our community.

Security Contacts

Security Site Supervisor  210-514–3026

Main Gate210-698-2997 or 210-698-2998
North Gate –  210-698-7812
South Gate (open from 6 AM – 10 PM) –  210-698-5323

Emergency Numbers

Police Department (non-emergency) –  210-207-7273
Fire Department (non-emergency) –  210-207-7744
Poison Control Center –  800-222-1222

Gate Access Tips

Access Control is an important part of security in The Dominion. Your security team will make every effort not to call you for guests you have either called in or entered directly into SafeHouse. Please remember, that in order to provide the best security, your team will call if unsure about a guest. Expect your security team to err on the side of caution.