The Dominion is a gated community, offering the finest in professional security 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Do not hesitate calling them or any security officer with suspicious activity or any report to ensure the safety and tranquility of our community.

Security Contacts

Site Security Supervisor  210-514–3026

Main Gate210-698-2997 or 210-698-2998
North Gate –  210-698-7812
South Gate –  210-698-5323

Emergency Numbers

Police Department (non-emergency) –  210-207-7273
Fire Department (non-emergency) –  210-207-7744
Poison Control Center –  800-222-1222

SafeHouse Gate Access

SafeHouse allows residents to add names to their own guest lists without contacting a guard. Residents can access the program via the web to add a guest for today, tomorrow, or even a future date based on the rules of the community.

SafeHouse Security Tips

Access Control is an important part of security in The Dominion. Your security team will make every effort
not to call you for guests you have either called in or entered directly into SafeHouse. Please remember,
however, that in order to provide the best security, your team will call if unsure about a guest. Expect your
security team to err on the side of caution.

Traffic Citations | Appeals Process

At The Dominion, safety and security takes first priority. The Security Committee and the Board of Directors want to ensure your family, and furry friends have a safe place to call home. Thus, they have implemented traffic enforcement efforts that include multiple radar camera units throughout the community. These radar camera units capture the speed, a time stamp and a photo/video of the vehicle’s license plate. Should you, a resident, tenant, an occupant, a family member or a vendor servicing your home receive a traffic citation, please respond immediately by email to or complete the appeal form linked below. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the HOA office at your convenience.


HOA Contacts for Appeals

Security Operations Manager:  Don Harms

Please email completed appeal forms to or call us at 210-698-1232

Dominion Reception

Please email or call us at 210-698-1232 

House Watch Security Check

For your peace of mind and security, patrol officers will watch your residence during an extended period of time when you are not at home.

New Resident & Replacement Transponder

Complete this form for new residents and replacements transponders for both residents and non-residents.

Cost: $40.00 per transponder

Non-Resident Transponder

Complete this form for non-residents and guests that may need a transponder.

Cost: $100.00 per calendar year (must be renewed each calendar year)

Overnight Street Parking

Complete this form for any overnight street parking of your guests. Please provide 48 hours notice.

Private Event Security Registration

A Security Officer is required for residents’ private parties and other special events that will have over 20 vehicles. If you are having an event please click the link below and fill out the online registration form.

RapidCast Emergency Notification System

The Dominion HOA is now using an Emergency Notification System with updates on weather events, safety and security emergencies which affect you in The Dominion. The system is called RapidCast and is setup to notify you by text message when such an emergency may affect you or your property. There is no direct cost to you to sign-up, but in order to participate, you must voluntarily register and provide your cell phone number.

Sign up to receive Emergency Text Notifications from the HOA:
or text the word “Dominion” to 22383