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Vehicle Transponders

Vehicle Transponders

Obtaining Vehicle Transponders

A headlight transponder affixed to your vehicle allows automatic entrance through the Resident lane. Transponders are available through the HOA office during HOA office hours. A completed Vehicle Information Form  is required for residents with the applicable fee. Non-Resident transponders require the Application/Agreement Form and the following fees are required to obtain each transponder:

Initial Transponder Fees:

  • Resident: $40.00 per vehicle
  • Non-Resident: $100.00 per vehicle/per calendar year (family members and/or full-time household employees only & Application/Agreement Form must be completed)
  • All Replacement Transponders are $40 per vehicle

Note: If a vehicle is replaced, the transponder must be removed from the original vehicle and the transponder discarded. A new transponder is required for every replacement vehicle.