The streets of The Dominion are owned by The Dominion Homeowners Association (HOA) and are subject to the rules and regulations of the HOA. The streets must be accessible for emergency response vehicles as well as service vehicles, delivery vehicles, and passenger vehicles. Additionally, as there are no off-street sidewalks in the Dominion, the streets must accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists in a safe manner. A recent street survey has revealed that numerous property owners have allowed their shrubs and trees to grow over the concrete curbs and out into the streets of the Dominion in a manner that impedes emergency response vehicles. as well as pedestrian and bicyclists as well as from safely walking or riding adjacent to the curb.

An ordinance of The City of San Antonio has addressed this safety situation by specifying the minimum clearance of property owner’s shrubs and trees that grow out over the streets. To better maintain this issue within our community and prevent the issue from increasing in severity, a policy was put into effect within The Dominion.