Newsletter Spring 2022

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Newsletter Winter 2022

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The Dominion HOA is now using an Emergency Notification System with updates on weather events, safety and security emergencies which affect you in The Dominion. The system is called RapidCast and is setup to notify you by text message when such an emergency may affect you or your property. There is no direct cost to you to sign-up, but in order to participate, you must voluntarily register and provide your cell phone number.
Sign up to receive Emergency Text Notifications from the HOA:
Register for RapidCast
or text the word “Dominion” to 22383

Non-Resident Transponder Renewal

All 2017 (current) Non-Resident transponders for The Dominion will expire December 31, 2017. All persons wishing to secure a Non-Resident transponder for the 2018 calendar year are required to submit an application/agreement to The Dominion HOA. The application will need to be signed by the Sponsoring Resident and the Non-Resident requesting the transponder. Non-Resident applicants will need to present a valid driver’s license and vehicle registration. The fee for a Non-Resident transponder is $100 for the calendar year. The application/agreement can be obtained at the HOA office or downloaded HERE.

Individuals with a Non-Resident transponder will be required to adhere to all traffic rules of The Dominion and must advise the HOA upon the sale or theft of the vehicle. Failure to comply with the policy may result in the revocation or deactivation of the Non-Resident transponder.

Please contact the HOA with any questions 210-698-1232.

SafeHouse is LIVE

Please visit the website to access your account. You may save this as a “Favorite” for quick access.

In order to login to your account through the website and/or through the app, you will need to use the following information you provided when you created your account:

User ID (10-digit primary phone #, including area code, no dashes)

User Password (4-5 digit numerical PIN #) 

Please bear in mind, you will need to complete your account by updating with any additional permanent guests, authorized vendors, as well as temporary guests needing access moving forward. You will no longer use QuickPass or the portal.

SafeHouse also offers a convenient smartphone app called “WebGuest“, which you can download from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Please contact the HOA office with any questions at (210) 698-1232.

Architectural Control Committee Meeting Day Change

The Dominion HOA is notifying residents of the change in meeting date for the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).  In the past, meetings were held on Thursday afternoons at 4:30pm at the HOA Office.  The ACC will now meet on Tuesday afternoons at 4:30pm effective May 1, 2017.  As for the deadline to submit applications, complete packages must be submitted by the end of day Thursday to be included on the agenda for the next meeting.

Property Owner’s Tree/Vegetation Trimming Responsibility for Roadway Safety

The streets of The Dominion are owned by The Dominion Homeowners Association (HOA) and are subject to the rules and regulations of the HOA. The streets must be accessible for emergency response vehicles as well as service vehicles, delivery vehicles, and passenger vehicles. Additionally, as there are no off-street sidewalks in the Dominion, the streets must accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists in a safe manner. A recent street survey has revealed that numerous property owners have allowed their shrubs and trees to grow over the concrete curbs and out into the streets of the Dominion in a manner that impedes emergency response vehicles. as well as pedestrian and bicyclists as well as from safely walking or riding adjacent to the curb.

An ordinance of The City of San Antonio has addressed this safety situation by specifying the minimum clearance of property owner’s shrubs and trees that grow out over the streets. To better maintain this issue within our community and prevent the issue from increasing in severity, a policy was put into effect within The Dominion.

Aeration and Compost

Aerating and applying compost to your lawn are excellent ways to improve its overall health. Both reduce the amount of irrigation needed by increasing the soil’s ability to hold and receive water. In other words, these activities create a bigger and better soil sponge.

Although not all soils are alike, they all benefit from the addition of organic matter. Compost is completely decomposed residue of plant and animal material and mulch is the partially decomposed residue of plants.

Unfortunately, compost breaks down rather quickly in our climate so thin, rocky soil tends not to build up over time even with frequent additions of compost. To increase its water-holding capacity, a small amount of a similar soil may be added.

To achieve maximum benefits from aeration and composting:

  • Spring and early fall are the best times to aerate and compost your lawn.
  • Multiple applications are best, or at the very least once a year.
  • Be generous; this is one landscape activity where more is actually better.

Many landscapers are eager to assist you with both aeration and composting, or consider working with your neighbors to rent a core aerator for a day.


Security Update

Our Security staff is here to serve the residents. Please alert your guests and vendors, drivers must have valid drivers license and all passengers must have proper identification cards. Please excuse the slight delay that may be experienced in guest/ vendor lanes, as this is an effect of the increased emphasis on security in an effort to better serve our residents.

Contact Information

Please make sure your SafeHouse account has the contact phone number you would like security to call to clear guests that are not on your access list.  Our officers will attempt to call you at that number. If they can’t contact you at that number, they will ask your guests to drive out of the lane and call you so you can then call security to clear them. The gate officers will make only one attempt in order to keep the visitor lane moving and decrease the likelihood of other guests being delayed.  A properly designated phone number will lessen missed calls for your friends, family, and guests. Please bear in mind that the guards WILL NOT call you if a vendor/contractor is not on your guest list.

Holding Pets

Pets will be held no more than 48 hours at the north gate, at which time they will be transported to a facility that will board them, at the homeowner’s expense, until they are retrieved by the owner.

Southern Gate Closure

Effective April 1, 2014, the South traffic/security gate on Tejas Trail and Brenthurst Lane will be closing to ALL traffic at night from 10pm until 6am.This closing is due to the low usage during these hours and will allow Security to better utilize resources. All traffic must use the main or north gates during these hours. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.